Monday, August 25, 2014

August 2014 Team Challenge Winner!

Congratulations to RNEST's Team Challenge winner for 
August's "Space Odyssey" theme...

with his Meteor In Space Dreamcatcher

Thanks to all the artists who participated 
and to everyone who voted!

Be sure to check back on Monday, September 8th for our next Monthly Team Challenge!
The theme will be "Down On The Farm"!

Monday, August 18, 2014

August Team Challenge: "Space Odyssey"

The theme for August's Team Challenge was "Space Odyssey"!

Take a look at all the contestants below and then cast your vote in the poll at the bottom of this blog post! (be sure you look at ALL the entries before casting your vote!)
 The deadline to vote is by 11:59pm on Sunday, August 24th! The artist whose item receives the most votes gets their Etsy Mini on the top spot on the blog!

Spaceship Sci Fi Collection by thewhimsicalsweet

Doctor Who Sci Fi Collection by thewhimsicalsweet

Meteor In Space Dreamcatcher by ChrisDreamsBig

Mini Fabric Galaxy Babies by MoyaLazyFactory

Now VOTE for your favorite item below!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tuesday Treasuries: Enjoying an Endless Summer

Endless Summer featuring KarenSwimmer

Treasury Created by RNEST Member:
Ocean Blue curated by BrittanyLeighJewelry featuring TheKnottyOwlShop

Treasuries Featuring RNEST Members:
Wonderland featuring PeachesProducts
Eclectic Gallery Wall featuring PoetCharms
Pretty Pastel featuring RinaMiriam
Art on Etsy 8.4 featuring RinaMiriam
Lifestyle featuring SewIndieShop
In the Forest I See You featuring SugarAndType
Decoupage Artistry featuring TatteredPearls
Have Something to Say…Write It featuring TatteredPearls
Summer Ocean Blue featuring TheKnottyOwlShop
Naïve Monkey Applique Chest featuring LilyStitches
Red featuring LynnSchaferDesigns
Lush Lovely Greens featuring LynnSchaferDesigns
Hippy Dippy featuring MakingTheNestOfIt
Where Would We Be Without Water featuring MyBonnyMonAbri
465 featuring PapersaurusCreatives
Dutch Treat featuring JWPhoto
Corn Silk featuring CircuitBreakerLabs
In the Trees featuring ArtNMetal
Monogram Mug featuring BusyBBoutique

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tuesday Treasuries: Lavender and Goldenrod

Lavender and Goldenrod curated by BrittanyLeighJewelry

Treasury Created by RNEST Member:
Twinkle curated by BrittanyLeighJewelry

Treasuries Featuring RNEST Members:
Hot Summer featuring MyBabyParty
Pastel featuring MyBabyParty
All About Wine featuring ArtNMetal
Cow Print featuring ChristineAndCoDesign
Blue Sky featuring ChristineAndCoDesign
My Favorite Condiment featuring CircuitBreakerLabs
Gift Ideas featuring MetalSomeArt
Escape featuring MetalSomeArt
Beautiful Glass Baubles featuring HeatherBehrendtGlass
Below the Sun featuring HeatherVitticore
Domino Effect featuring InMyHeadStudios
Happy Summer featuring JonelleMaira
Chat Noir featuring JWphoto
Feeling Bookish featuring LisaJaneSmith
Go on… Just Do It! featuring LoveLivePray
Subtle Day featuring LynnSchaferDesigns
Stars- Not Only in the Sky featuring MakingTheNestOfIt
Minimalist featuring MyBonnyMonAbri
ArtOfEricGunty Just Married featuring BusyBBoutique

Monday, July 28, 2014

July's Featured Artist: Moya Lazy Factory

Name: Jina Park
Business Name: Moya Lazy Factory
Etsy Shop:

Social Media:

Age: 48
Profession/Day Job: Mother
Where in/around Rochester do you live? Brighton
Craft(s) of Choice: small fabric goods

Did you go to art school or are you self taught?
 I studied graphic design in college in Korea.

What’s your first craft-related memory?
When I was 13, my father gave me a red heart shape tin with a candle in it. At that time in Korea it was an extremely rare, fancy thing. I was so happy to have that candle, many of my friends wanted to have that. One day I found out I could make heart shaped candles with the tin as a mold. So, my younger brother and I melted white, house-hold candles and added crayon for color. Finally we made about 20 of them. But it looked so different.

How did you get started with Etsy?
I used to make my kids Halloween costumes and stuffed animals for present. Soon some friends asked me to sell and a friend told me about etsy.

In your creative life and work, of what accomplishment are you most proud?
 Last year, I won an Artist Row award for best in category. It was a big surprise!

What inspires you, or makes you want to go dashing off to craft?
Conversation with my kids, joke around, giggling with funny stories, kids books, movies give me ideas!!!!

What influences your creativity?
Day dreams, taking everything literally.

What does your workspace look like most of the time?
 Of course always very very messy. I am a natural born messy person.

What (if anything) do you like to watch/listen to while you create?
Pod cast!! About books, movies and politics. Mostly those are Korean pod cast, but often I switch on CNN or NPR too.


If you could add to your craft/art line, what would you like to add?
Ceramics! I want to make ceramic dolls and animal figures.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in selling your work? 
Pricing. Most people think small stuff should pay less. But my dolls are all hand stitched, takes time.

What do you love about your craft?
People who visit my booth, they always smile while they watch my stuff. I love to watch them smile. That smile makes me happy.