Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Etsy Shop Tips: Rearranging Your Shop

At the RNEST meeting we had on Monday,  a fellow artist and I talked about how you can rearrange your shop. She was sitting next to me and saw me on my laptop, rearranging some of the items in my shop, but she didn't have the option to rearrange hers. I thought it might have been because I was on my laptop and she was on her iPad, but she sent me a message later, after she got home, that she couldn't do it from her computer either. I did a quick search in the Etsy forums and found out rearranging your shop items is a feature that you actually have to go enable. So I thought I'd do a quick tutorial to share this info with the rest of you!

So, when you're logged into Etsy, click the "Your Shop" link in the top right of the screen. Then scroll down to "Shop Settings" in the left sidebar, and click "Options", which will take you to the screen (shown below) where you can enable the "Rearrange Your Shop" feature.

After you've enabled this, you will see a "Rearrange Your Shop" option at the bottom of the lefthand sidebar when you are viewing your Etsy shop. (circled in red in the picture below)

 After you click that, you can drag & drop your items around to customize your shop and make it look how you want, regardless of when you listed the items! (For example: I like to group similar items together and put them in a rainbow color order.)

Hope some of you found this helpful!  Let us know if you have any other Etsy shop tips or things you want us to blog about!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Treasury Tuesday: Blue Sky

It's been grey skies lately around here.  We're ready for blue sky again.

Blue Sky featuring SunshineOnWater

Be sure you click on the other links to see more treasuries! (I can't picture them all so you have to click on them to see!  If you don't, you're missing out!)

Featuring RNEST Members:

Featuring and curated by RNEST Members:

Curated by RNEST Members:

* If you make or find a treasury that features an RNEST member, post the link on the wall at RNEST's Facebook PageYour treasury could be featured on the next Treasury Tuesday!

Friday, May 10, 2013

May First Friday Freebie Winner!!!!

Congratulations to #29, Tasha Harris, for winning the May First Friday Freebie from Pandawear!!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 2013 Team Challenge Winner!

Congratulations to RNEST's Team Challenge winner for 
May's "Internet Meme" theme...

KiraArts with her Grumpy Cat Nubbin (Inspired by the "Grumpy Cat" memes)

Thanks to all the artists who participated 
and to everyone who voted!

Be sure to check back on June 6th for our next Monthly Team Challenge!

Friday, May 3, 2013

May First Friday Freebie

Welcome to the May First Friday Freebie featuring Kim from Pandawear!  During the monthly First Friday Freebies, you'll get a blog's eye view into the shop, get to know the artist, and get a chance to win something awesome! 

                       A blog’s eye view of Pandawear:  

Meet the Artist
Kim Pandina

RNEST:  Tell us a little about yourself.
Kim:  I am a designer and a lapidary.  I have always enjoyed working with my hands.  My father put tools in my hands to help him from a very young age.  I would spend my weekends helping him change the oil or working on this car.  Other adventures with him included traveling to the 1000 Islands where his dad built a cottage and we spent half my weekends every summer.  We would also travel in the country and walk in the woods together.  It was during my travels with my dad that I began collecting rocks as a child.  Now I know how to turn them into beautiful jewelry.  My love of tools grew into creating beaded jewelry.  One day, about 10 years ago, I tried my first wire piece, and I have not looked back.  Wire stole my heart, and I enjoy seeing where it takes me.  Being a lapidary gives me the freedom to make pieces that show the beauty in each stone and to create one-of-a-kind pieces with them.

RNEST:  What's your favorite part of being an artist?
Kim:  Two things, actually.  Learning a new technique and seeing how happy my pieces make the people who own them.  One customer recently said the joy I have for cutting the stone is in her piece and she feels it every time she wears it.

RNEST:  Tell us about your creations or techniques.
Kim:  My designs are small wearable pieces of art.  My inspirations come from nature:  the curve of a branch, the angle of a leaf, the flow of a stream, the colors of a meadow. Being a native of Rochester, NY, I design my jewelry here.  My media is stone and precious metals such as sterling silver and 14 karat gold filled.  I am a lapidary and like to use stones I have cut myself to create my work.

RNEST: You've been at this for a while. Any advise for someone just starting out?
Kim:  Find your passion and research a way to make money doing it.  Be sure to have a fantastic support network behind you.  My network has helped me tremendously.

RNEST: How about shows coming up? Where can we find you locally?
Kim:   I do not have any shows confirmed right now.  Three places that carry my work are the Rundel Library gift shop, The Bird House in Pittsford, and Jerry Williams Creative Art and Frame Shop in Greece.  A new boutique in Village Gate, with a grand opening in June, has my jewelry, too.

RNEST:  Any coupons or promotions at Pandawear?
Kim:  My current promotion is a fundraiser for Women Build.  The promotional items include one-of-a-kind earrings titled "Butterfly Love" and a "Mom Build" brooch.  Both are limited edition pieces created for Women Build 2013 for Flower City Habitat for Humanity.  Fifty percent of the sale price ($20) goes to the Women Build project which is building a home for a single mom in Rochester, NY.  I use my Facebook page to announce my promotions and discounts several times a year.

RNEST: So, tell us about your giveaway item.
Kim:  One of my most popular animals for earrings is dolphins.  These earrings are playful and come in several colors.  The winner will have a choice of the color.

The Giveaway - Open to the US only

To enter

1. Follow this blog.

2. Stop by Pandawear and give it a heart.
If you're already a fan, just say so in the comments.

1. Pick a favorite** piece in Pandawear and:
Tweet it using the Twitter button on the listing. (one entry)
Like it using the Facebook button on the listing. (one entry)
Pin it using the Pinterest button on the listing. (one entry)
**multiple favorites = multiple entries!!

2.  Like Pandawear's Facebook page.

3.  Follow Pandawear's blog.

4.  Follow Pandawear on Pinterest or repin one of the items on her board.

5. Tweet the contest using the Twitter button at the bottom of the post.

6. Share this contest on Facebook using the Facebook button on the bottom of the post.

7. Like the RNEST Facebook page.

This contest will run until May 10 at noon.
The winner will be selected using a random number generator so anyone can win!
Good Luck!

* Please post all entries below and remember to comment for each entry so that your multiple entries are counted.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

April First Friday Freebie Winner

Congratulations to # 7, Linda Bowers, for winning the April First Friday Freebie from KiraArts!!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

May Team Challenge: "Internet Memes"

Welcome to RNEST's May Team Challenge! The theme for this month was 
"Internet Memes" 

Internet Memes... whether you know what they are or not, if you've spent time on the internet, you've probably seen some.

Earlier this month, we asked our RNEST members to get creative and submit items they've made that represent an interpretation of "Internet Memes"...and now YOU, our loyal blog readers, get to pick the winner!  Here's the list of our contestants!

Jae Sang The Dancing Piggie Pocket Doll by MoyaLazyFactory
Inspired by the "Gangam Style" viral video

Internet Meme Rubber Stamp Set by Jackbear
Inspired by "Success Kid", "Epic Fail", and "Ermagerd Berks!" memes

Grumpy Cat Nubbin by KiraArts
Inspired by the "Grumpy Cat" meme

Cast your vote for your favorite on the poll in the upper, right corner of the blog! 
(Deadline to vote is by midnight on Wednesday,  May 8th)

The artist whose item receives the most votes gets their Etsy Mini on the top spot on the blog!