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We are the Rochester New York Etsy Street Team (RNEST), a group of crafters & artisans living in or around Rochester, NY, working together to promote our products and each other.  Joined in a common cause, we create handmade items that we share with the world through our Etsy shops.   We have discussions online through our Ning site and in-person at monthly team meetings.  We also hold various events throughout the year.

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If you're interested in becoming a member of RNEST, apply at http://r-nest.ning.com/.
R-NEST membership rules:
  1. You must be a seller on Etsy.com 
  2. You must live in or near the greater Rochester, NY area 
  3. You must agree to be an active member in the group (as defined below) 
 Active membership is defined as the following:
  • Participate on our Ning site, by commenting in discussion threads 
  • Attend at least one team meeting every three months 
  • Participate in one team challenge or team promotion every three months 
  • Have a minimum of four items for sale in your Etsy shop, thus ensuring your Etsy mini shown on the blog has four items pictured in it. 
  • Contribute something to the group in your area of expertise (if you are a graphic designer you could help create promo materials, a sales person could help get sponsors) 
  • Participate and help organize events to benefit the team as a whole (group events, running an RNEST booth at festivals, etc to help publicize our team) 
  • To participate in team shows, you will be expected to help organize, promote and/or plan the event. Calls for specific upcoming events will be posted on the Ning site. 

 Our goal is to have active members of our team who work together to increase everyone’s product and shop exposure and boost team members success!


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