Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Team Challenge: "Internet Memes"

Welcome to RNEST's May Team Challenge! The theme for this month was 
"Internet Memes" 

Internet Memes... whether you know what they are or not, if you've spent time on the internet, you've probably seen some.

Earlier this month, we asked our RNEST members to get creative and submit items they've made that represent an interpretation of "Internet Memes"...and now YOU, our loyal blog readers, get to pick the winner!  Here's the list of our contestants!

Jae Sang The Dancing Piggie Pocket Doll by MoyaLazyFactory
Inspired by the "Gangam Style" viral video

Internet Meme Rubber Stamp Set by Jackbear
Inspired by "Success Kid", "Epic Fail", and "Ermagerd Berks!" memes

Grumpy Cat Nubbin by KiraArts
Inspired by the "Grumpy Cat" meme

Cast your vote for your favorite on the poll in the upper, right corner of the blog! 
(Deadline to vote is by midnight on Wednesday,  May 8th)

The artist whose item receives the most votes gets their Etsy Mini on the top spot on the blog!


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