Monday, May 3, 2010

Make- it Mondays: Yarn Bombing

Some of you may have seen our fellow RNEST teamie Karen Duncan, of Duncan Creative, in the news this week. She has been yarn bombing in her Rochester city neighborhood, bringing color and joy to residents with her craftiness. I chatted with Karen to find out, just what this art form is and how you can drop little crafted bombs of your own.

Buenahelena : So, what the heck is yarn bombing?

Karen: Thanks for your interest! It is really such a silly and fun way to use up WIP (works in progress) that are just laying around here! So yarn bombing is basically guerrilla knitting/crochet or crochet/knit graffiti. It started in Houston, TX.

Buenahelena: What inspired you to start "bombing" your neighborhood?

Karen:I just got out the book Yarn Bombing from the library last week and had a lightbulb moment to do the lightpost outside of my house.

Buenhelena: Have you ever snuck around to see how people react and what are the reactions?

Karen: The first day I did it I thought people were going to be like what the hell are you doing, but the entire fleet of landscaping guys across the street from me never once asked a question. The second time I saw people peering out of their windows at me but they never asked. The third one was the one in front of Dark Horse Coffee and then people asked tons of questions...leading up to the interview yesterday.

Buenahelena: Any tips for those who want to bomb?

Karen: Hmmm... if you want to make it specifically for something, MEASURE first! I have a bunch of overlapping pieces, but that is cool too. Also, use the CHEAPEST yarn possible, since they will fade or get taken down or you might have to cover large sections. I use RED HEART great. Bring a hook or a needle and camera. Also, a partner in crime to help you stretch and hold the larger pieces!

Here's Karen at work:

Makes me want to weave bomb! So what if you can't knit or crochet though? Think about leaving a little art card or drawing hidden in a book at the library or with the sugar packets at a restaurant. Leave a sculpture in the sand at the beach this summer or a tiny installation in an elevator. What a fun way to beautify and unify the community...


  1. This reminds me of doing "toy drops". I came across a blog last year called "The Toy Society" ( where people make (or buy) handmade toys and leave them in a public place with a tag that says "Take me home!". I did one last year, and I think it's about time I did another!

  2. This looks like fun! I am the world's slowest knitter so it would take me a year to cover a small mailbox! Very cool post!

  3. Just the best idea! And I loved seeing you on the news, Karen!

  4. I've read about this in other communities - thank you for doing it here!

    You're right - we could all do this - with our own art. Post it, leave it - love this idea. it more thought....

    Thanks for the interview!

  5. Stefani's comment about doing this with art made me think of something I saw on Twitter... an art hunt. We could hide art in places all over town and give clues as to where it is on a website and Twitter. This could be a cool promo for the team!