Friday, December 17, 2010

Jack's Pick: Pottery Plates by Goldhawk Pottery

Each Friday I select an item created by a member of the Rochester NY Etsy Street Team(RNEST). What criteria do I use? I look for great looking items that I think are well made offered for a great price!

I'm very pleased to introduce you to another new team member of RNEST this week. Sara Goldhawk of Goldhawk Pottery is not just new to RNEST, she is new to Rochester as well. Sara moved back to the greater Rochester area after spending some time in Washington DC. She is putting her BFA to work, as she sets aside her Masters in Education to make pottery her full time pass
ion. I say the Capitol's loss is our gain!

Just look at this great example of her work; a set of serving plates. Sara's work
is in a style I just find so visually interesting. These serving plates have an eastern edge to them, with a great use of complimentary colors. Her glazes are nice and sharp and precise, and I can totally see this on my dining room table for a simple Sunday dinner, or a special holiday gathering.

On an aside, my wife loves pottery. She loves this type of glazing as well. So when I see it, I pay attention. I am very happy to now know someone who she can go to when she needs a piece of show off. I am happy to know I can just stick them in the dishwasher too!

Great job Sara, and welcome to RNEST.

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  1. Thank you Jack! I love being back in Western New York and I'm still fine tuning my pottery. There are very few of these half plates out there (coudn't find any on Etsy) so I'm planning to make more. Would love to hear what others think.