Friday, May 11, 2012

Fresh from RNEST... Oh, Sweet Spring!

In the spirit of The Lilac Festival at the beautiful Highland Park, fresh from RNEST comes this amazing domino pendant adorned with precious little paper lilacs made by Vickie Porter of In My Head Studios. These precious little works of art are a great way to celebrate a special lady in your life for any reason in any season.
The Lilac Festival is a great way to celebrate Spring, but Spring is a time to celebrate Mom and not just on Mother's Day. Just a tiny little show of appreciation for Mom makes any day special. So, what to do when there are two? Papersaurus Creative has the perfect solution for anyone struggling to find a card for their two mommies! In fact they have cards to fill in any gap in the greeting card world, so if you are looking for a clever card for that not so typical occasion, this is the place!


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