Monday, November 16, 2009

Make You Laugh Mondays: No Regrets Here

From Buenahelena!

For several years Etsy, has formed a tight knit community of creative thinkers, makers and doers. Etsians pride themselves on artistic integrity and support for all that is handmade. Let's be honest don't really like everything on there right? Sometimes you probably even sit back and scratch your head in wonder at certain items. Maybe an expletive slips out once in a while. Maybe.

There is a place for you, with like minded people, on Regretsy. This blog offers up daily doses of Etsy's worst, weirdest and sometimes flat out wrong items. From sellers hawking Olive Garden gift cards (not handmade or vintage by the way) to misspelled Christmas ornaments (did you know Sarah Palin is going rouge, not rogue this year?) you'll find something that is sure to make you laugh.


The site is broken down into topics on the left hand side similar to Etsy. Fun categories include: Copyright Infringements, Pet Humiliation, Annoying Descriptions and Decorative Pillows. On the first day I probably searched them all. Partially, because I was highly entertained and partially to make sure I wasn't on there. My favorite feature on Regretsy is the "View This Image In A Room" button. It allows you to view a featured item on the blog in a very inappropriate situation.Very realistic I might add!

As a disclaimer though, this site is insulting to sellers who may have truly put their heart and soul into an item they made. Many of the work on the site is in fact labor intensive and well constructed, if only in poor taste. For others...well, a boot to the butt is truly called for. If I had to sit through hours of excruciating critique in Art school all artists should be able to take a jab and reflect once in a while. It develops character.


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