Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trash & Treasures Tuesday: My favorite thrifting spots

For this week's edition of Trash & Treasures I thought I'd share some of my favorite thrifting spots in Rochester and online.

My all-time favorite spot for vintage jewelry and accessories is Far Out Vintage in Village Gate. I've gotten some of my favorite pieces there and they always have a fun $1 table.

Another great store for vintage jewelry is Echoes Consignment Shop in Honeoye Falls. This place is always filled to the brim with unique pieces. I could spend hours in there!

I like looking through the clothes and shoes at the Goodwills in Rochester. They have a good blend of new and old items (although, it seems to lean toward the new end lately... which isn't my preference).

Utter Clutter is another fun place to poke around... but you'll need a good amount of time to look. The place is packed!!

The best place in Rochester for vintage house ware items is the Craft Antique Co-Op. I freakin' love this place! I could spend days drooling over all the amazing furniture and collectibles. Love it!

And, if you can't find anything in stores, Craigslist has a ton of deals!

Far Out Vintage - vintage scarves; $3 each. 

 Far Out Vintage - bee pin, $1; gold & white flower pin, $1; gold circle with pearl pin, $1. 
Echoes - gold hummingbird, $3.
The rest were gifts!
Echoes - flower pin, pink oval and bird $7 total.

Goodwill on Ridge Rd. - boots, $3.99!

Craft Antique Co-Op - clock, around $7. 

 Craft Antique Co-Op - lamp, under $20.

Where do you like to thrift? Share 'em in the comments!

Peace & thanks,


  1. Try the other thrift stores like Salvation Army, Thrifty Shopper, or the Volunteers Of America (VOA). I used to work at the ABVI Goodwill in Henrietta about 5 years ago. The higher-ups at the corporate level of the company are trying to "up the quality" of the items sold at Goodwill...that's probably why you find mostly newer stuff there now. I can't tell you how many times it killed me to have to throw stuff into the dumpster there that needed minor repairs...and if an employee wanted it, we had to pay FULL price for it instead of the 99 cents we could pay before. One of the reasons why I left is that I didn't like how things were being run there anymore.
    But I digress. Thanks for the ideas for other thrifting! I've gone by the Craft Antique Co-op and keep meaning to go there someday!

  2. Very interesting! And sad! I bet some awesome finds got tossed away.

    Yes! VOA, Salvo, Thrifty Shopper are all awesome... I need to spend some more time poking around those, too. Thanks for the tip :) And the co-op is worth the stop - I promise!