Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Treasury Tuesday: I'll Fly Away (plus a Bonus Treasury!)

If you get to know a few of our RNEST Members, you'll find out that some of them have a special place in their hearts for birds. This soft spot for feathered friends is often manifested in the pieces they make. This treasury features work from RNEST members Peaches Products, SunShyne Silverwear, In My Head Studios, Merv and Delores, and JackBear Stamps... and is filled out by other Etsy artists.

Last week, when I was trying to think of a good theme for this week's Etsy Treasury, I happened to look at the calender and realized that today was 1/11/11...which inspired me to make this treasury with items with ones and elevens...

Sadly, I couldn't find any RNEST members' items to put in this treasury as I'd originally planned (which is why this is a bonus treasury instead of the main treasury), but I went ahead and scoured the rest of Etsy for items with ones or elevens (or 2011). And even with the thousands of sellers on Etsy to choose from, this theme was still a bit challenging.

Happy 1/11/11!


  1. Both awesome treasuries! Even the one featuring birds! ;-)

  2. Ha ha! I must admit I did laugh to myself and think of you when I was writing the part about some members "having a soft spot for birds".