Friday, February 18, 2011

Jack's Pick: Buenahelena's Radial Sunburst Matchstick Painting

I am sad to say, this will be the final "Jack's Pick" on the blog. Instead I'm going to do more picking over on our Facebook page for RNEST, so look for some more great choice's there! Stay tuned on Friday's though for a new feature article from another RNEST team member.

I am happy to say I'm going to dedicate my last pick to a team member who inspires me with her original work, Carol of Buenahelana. Pictured is one of Buenahelena's eye catching radial matchstick paintings. Carol is a master of "upcycling" and this is a great example. I think in a previous pick, I may have selected here mini matchbook notepads. Well you might wonder what happened to all the matches she ripped out of those matchbooks? Here they are, painted and transformed into a great canvas to adorn a wall.

I like that you wouldn't even know these were matches if you stepped back away from it. It has a classic design and symmetry. So much of the stuff in Buenahelena's shop has that retro/vintage look right now. I feel like I just walked into a little boutique that has been closed since the seventies. If you are looking for originality, look no further than the Buenahelena shop.

Happy shopping!


  1. Thanks John! You have been a huge supporter of my shop on Jack's picks and I really appreciate it :)

  2. great pick. i love the color combo on this one. Such a great unique idea. ~