Monday, June 6, 2011

Make-it Mondays: Pets of Etsy (Part Deux)

Welcome back to the second, super cute installment of Pets of Etsy. This weeks pets are the feline assistants to Chrys Callan, shop owner of A Different View. Although a couple were camera shy, two were very willing to pose for the camera.

SunniBeanz (the little white girl) and Huffelpuff (the grey boy) are her two darling critters in cahoots. They LOVE crafty time with Chrys. Especially when it involves feathers. And ribbon.

Chrys: These pics were from a recent batch of chokers I was making, and then I decided to try my hand at a fascinator style hair-piece. I did not get very far with the hair-piece, before Huffelpuff came over to inspect. And nibble. I am really not sure how well fascinators will fare in my house... my current 'hippie-hair-ribbons' at least are small enough to stash in a shoe-box between shows. Quite kitty proof. This may be a one-time endeavor! Sunni is always appalled at how many feathers get trimmed (or perhaps dis-figured) for my craft; she never takes long to start a 'rescue mission'. I always try to have at least one I can distract her with from the start; but it never lasts very long before she realizes there are better pieces that need 'love'.

And for an extra Chrys has made a LOLZ cat pic :)