Monday, August 15, 2011

Make-It Mondays: Still More Pets of Etsy

Having done this Pet series several times now, I don't think anyone on our team is petless. It's a fact: we need fuzzy creatures in order to make it as crafters and artisans. This week's pets belong to Kira of KiraArts. Enjoy!

Kira: "I have two pets, Luna my dog (a dachshund/miniature pinscher mix) and Terra my cat (the offspring of a friend's barn cat)."

Luna and Terra taking their afternoon nap in Kira's craft room.

Terra "helping" with some yarn when she was a kitten.

Terra is in the craft room a lot. Maybe it's because she was in there a lot when she was a kitten. She is often curious as to what Kira's doing and decides to hop up on her desk to investigate.

Luna is often just content to lay down near her.

"What is this thing, Mom?"

"Mommy, can you stop sewing and please let me outside?"

If you would like your cat to become an instant RNEST celebrity, contact Buenahelena ( with pictures and fun tails (pun intended).

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  1. So cute! I also think it must be a requirement for RNESTers to have gray cats?