Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Treasury Tuesday: Our Love is On Fire

"Our Love is On Fire"? Our RNEST members are on fire! We were in SO many treasuries this week! And SO many good ones! Once again, I was having a hard time picking the pictured one! My August criteria of featuring color treasuries reigned me in and narrowed it down a little....but not much! I ultimately picked Our Love Is On Fire (featuring Buenahelena's matchstick painting) because the firey color scheme was just so gorgeously vibrant.

There are still a bunch of beautiful treasuries! Be sure to click through the links to see them, and leave a comment telling us your favorite!

Featuring RNEST Members:
Featuring and curated by RNEST Members:
  • MayDay Preview by BeadworkByAmanda, featuring Buenahelena, TurtleFly, InMyHeadStudios, FuzzyBunny, JiBabu, The StitchingStudio, and KiraArts

* If you make or find a treasury that features an RNEST member, or if you are an RNEST Member who makes a treasury, post the link on the wall at RNEST's Facebook Page. Your treasury could be featured on the next Treasury Tuesday!


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