Monday, September 12, 2011

Make-it Mondays: Pets (or seriously just cats) of Etsy

Hello Team! I'm back again with more feline studio assistants. These two hooligans belong to Carisa of Love and Whiskers (how apt!), along with a slew of other camera shy creatures, including two Shih-tzus, two tortoises and three lizards. Carisa, if you can get the tortoises involved somehow, next time I would love to do an expose called Teenage Mutant Crafting Turtles. Enjoy!

Critiques are best given while sitting on the product.

Pausing to choose the best words of advice...

All Etsy work needs an overnight bodygaurd...even if he sleeps on the job.

Thanks you for sending in your kit-tay shots Carisa. Keep sending me your pets as well team, to In the coming weeks I will be back with some tutorials so stay tuned! :)


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