Thursday, December 1, 2011

RNEST Original Garbage Plate Extraordinaire!

We're so excited to announce a chance for our local fans to win a Rochester favorite: a Garbage Plate. This isn't just any garbage plate, though. It's a hand-crafted original created by RNEST artisans. You'll find needle-felted tater tots, hand-stamped macaroni salad, beaded hot sauce, a crocheted burger, a cuddly cute hotdog, and so much more, all resting on a quilted platter.

And how can you win this divine tribute to Rochester's most famous meal? Come to the Hungerford's Miracle on East Main Street this weekend and participate in our scavenger hunt. First, stop by RNEST's Craftmas Art Show to check out the finished product in all it's splendor, then visit the other artists throughout the Hungerford to find the scavenger items and earn your chance to own this masterpiece!

Hungerford Building,
1115 E. Main St., Rochester, NY
 Door 8


Friday, December 2: 5PM - 9PM

Saturday, December 3: Noon - 4PM

Make sure to check out our other Hungerford events throughout December for some craftilicious fun!