Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Treasury Tuesday: Creatures & Christmas

Sorry I missed Treasury Tuesday last week. I was feeling a bit under the weather. To make up for it, I'm featuring 2 treasuries this week! Both treasuries both feature and are curated by RNEST members.

by k5art, featuring Buenahelena, Missrie, aDifferentView, SunshyneSilverwear, PoetCharms, & KiraArts

by SoftShellCrafts, featuring an all-RNEST cast!

Be sure you click on the links below and go see more treasuries that feature some of our other awesome RNEST members! (if you don't, you're missing out!)

Featuring RNEST Members:
Featuring and curated by RNEST Members:
Curated by RNEST Members:

I think one of our newest members, k5art, wins the prize this week for making the most treasuries! (the prize is extra "coolness points"!) ;)

* If you make or find a treasury that features an RNEST member, or if you are an RNEST Member who makes a treasury, post the link on the wall at RNEST's Facebook Page. Your treasury could be featured on the next Treasury Tuesday!

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  1. Awesome that the list is so big for Treasuries for Rochester NY Etsy Street Team!