Sunday, January 29, 2012

Make-it Mondays : Handmade Envelope

If you have even the slightest flair for crafting and creative endeavors, you (like the rest of the RNESTers) probably have a tendency to hoard cool objects for unknown future projects. In this case, here's an idea for all that sweet paper you have sitting in a drawer.
And it's fast! This took me about 5 minutes.

Handmade Envelope

What you need :
-envelope to use as a template
-decorative / recycled paper
-pen (or pencil)
-double sided clear tape (or a glue stick)

1) Open by your store bought envelope by carefully seperating the adhered edges and trace the shape on the envelope onto you decorative paper.

2) Cut out the form of the envelope.

3) Fold the side wing in and use double stick tape to adhere it. Fold to opening flap down as well. And, ta da, a fancy envelope!


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