Sunday, January 8, 2012

Make-it Mondays : T-Shirt Tote

This is a great way to reuse one of those old, crumby t-shirts sitting in the back of your closet. And it could not be easier. This project took me less than 15 minutes (including time to dig out materials) and, frankly, I'm pretty clumsy on the sewing machine.


-old t-shirt
-fabric scissors
-pen or pencil (or white charcoal in my case, since my shirt is such a dark color)
-dinner plate
-3-6 straight pins
-sewing machine (and thread, of course)

Step 1 : Cut the sleeves off the shirt, leaving the seams in tack.

Step 2: Lay the dinner plate on top of the shirt such that about half the plate is covering the shirt. Trace the edge of the plate with you pen(cil) and cut out that piece. This will be the opening of the bag.

Step 3: Turn the shirt inside out and, using your straight pins, line up the bottom of the shirt. Run the bottom of the shirt through the sewing machine.

Step 4: Turn the shirt right side in and start toting things around!


  1. Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love that! I have quite the stash of "retired tee's" this will be a perfect use for them! :)