Monday, September 21, 2009

Make-it Mondays: Handy Magnet Ring

From: Buenahelena!

Happy Monday Friends and Crafters! I have been making button rings on my Etsy site for awhile and recently began making furry bottle cap rings. In the jumble of my super-fun-makin'-craft-table one of my empty bottle cap rings stuck to a magnet that was waiting to be glued to another project. A chain reaction began as the magnet started sticking to other things on the table; my safety pins, earring backs and metal beads. How handy could this be while working on projects? I tend to work with small pieces and I'm sure a fair percentage of my materials are lost to the floor in my studio. How many fellow Etsians could use one of these, should I decide to put them up on Etsy? Mmm...

  1. Adjustable ring backs. I get mine from Bunnysundries.
  2. Bottle caps. I like Izze caps. They have a minimalist white design and you can enjoy a fizzy drink made with real fruit while crafting.
  3. 1"round magnets.
  4. Aleene's jewelry glue and Gorilla glue

How to repeat my happy accident:
  1. Use the jewelry glue to attach the bottle cap to the ring back
  2. Next squeeze a little Gorilla glue into the cap
  3. Pop the magnet in. It will want to stick to the metal anyways, but the glue is for good measure.
  4. Now pretend you're the Magneto of your craft area.
Try out different materials for your ring like velcro or soft putty to stick other non-metallic materials on!

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  1. This is a really neat idea! I bet you could sell them! It is amazing what I find on the floor and in between the cushions on the couch, seriously, I should just move my studio into the living room, it's such a cozy work place.