Friday, September 25, 2009

Jack's Pick: Item of the Week

Each Friday I select an item created by a member of the Rochester NY Etsy Street Team (RNEST). What criteria do I use? I look for great looking items that I think are well made offered for a great price!

This week I have selected "The Perfect Big Sis Tote" created by Michelle at The Quilted House!

Why do I like this bag? Well, first of all, I'm a "dude." Bags, totes, purses....those aren't really my thing. However, this bag appeals to me on a couple different levels.

I like the colors. That what first caught my eye! I love green, and this is a perfect mix of light and dark greens, with a hint of brown (another color I dig).

I like the fact that is has lots of uses and reuses. I like that you can take it to the beach, or the market, or on a weekend trip.

I like the way it is photographed! That really doesn't say anything about the item itself, but it sure makes me want it when it looks a great as it does in all it's pictures.

Way to to Quilted House, you got Jack's pick of the week!


  1. I also like the bag-its pretty

  2. Yay for Michelle's bag being "pic of the week!" I am going to HAVE to buy that thing. Maybe next payday :-)

  3. I've seen this bag up close & I have to say, it's made very well, great quality & lots of pockets!! :)