Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday Wellspring: Just Ice Jewelry

I didn’t need to dip deeply into the well to come up with an amazing jewelry designer, Linda, proprietress of Just Ice Jewelry. A social studies teacher by day, Linda needed to relieve some stress and started making jewelry. Before she knew it, she was selling to fellow teachers, doing jewelry parties and craft shows, and, in 2007, she opened Just Ice Jewelry on Etsy. Some of her most unique items are made with upcycled Chinese pottery shard pieces. These broken pieces of antique chinese pottery really speak to the social studies teacher in Linda. As she is creating her amazing pieces, she wonders what function each shard played in its previous life. Was this a bowl? Was this a vase? When you look at her gorgeous jewelry creations, you can tell that Linda was inspired to give each shard a new and beautiful life.

As a successful seller on Etsy, at local shows, and in local shops, I asked Linda to share some advice for other sellers. She says that though there may be discouragements and you may spend a lot of time creating listings and maintaining your shop, that feeling when you’ve sold something, especially when you least expect it, is like none other! She started RNEST to support other Rochester area Etsians and provide a forum for us all to grow and promote our shops – and to support one another in the discouraging times!

Make sure you stop by Just Ice Jewelry and take a look around. The Cornflower and Cherry Blossom pottery shard necklaces are in full bloom and lovely. Plus, Linda has a special promotion running right now. She’s offering a free gift for the next five purchasers of pottery shard jewelry. The Quilted House (oh, hey, that’s me!!) has made gorgeous, Asian-inspired gift pouches for this free gift with purchase, so head on over to JustIceJewelry and get them while they last!

Just Ice Jewelry can also be found on twitter and in the blogosphere, so click the links to find Linda there, too! You can also type RNEST into the search field on Etsy to find JustIceJewelry and all the RNEST members’ wonderful works of handcrafted art!


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