Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday Wellspring: New Year, New Surprises

Hello all! After a much needed holiday siesta, the well is once again bubbling over with excitement and lots of fun in store for you! RNEST is growing exponentially with folks applying for membership at a fast clip, new ideas for promotions and activities, and lots of great energy. To add a lot of spice to this column, in addition to my features of RNEST members you'll start seeing links to promotions, regular giveaways and contests, and announcements about new product lines. The well springeth forth with amazing goodness for the coming year, so I hope you check the blog regularly and often! Also, don't miss Buena Helena's Make It Mondays for awesome tutorials and tips and JackBear's Friday Jack's Picks to get a jump on new and amazing products and sellers. For now, I'll introduce you to a few of our newest members (you can find images of their products sprinkled throughout this post):

Sarah's Amiables - gorgeous knitted items
Quantum Loop - Nature-inspired works of art
EnviroCrafter - Divine eco-friendly items
Violet Underground - Handcrafted creations to keep Barbie warm and stylish
MF Crafts and MF Vintage - Gorgeous knitted items and quirky vintage finds


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