Monday, February 22, 2010

Make- it Mondays: Fortune Cookie Fun

From Buenahelena!
Today's tutorial was inspired by this great gift my friend got me on Saturday night : Make Your Own Fortune Cookies. The kit is meant for making real cookies and your own personalized fortunes, but it got me thinking about using the cookie as a template in other materials. The fortune cookie could carry messages like:

Love Notes
Surprise Announcements ("It's a boy!")
Song Lyrics
Clues for a scavenger hunt

& for your Etsy business...

Your etsy shop address
Your blog address
Your studio or store location

It could be a fun way to promote yourself when you mail out sold items. You could also leave them out on a cookie tray at a craft market. They're simple and easy to make in paper or fabric. It's a good opportunity to use scraps and recycled newspaper. All it takes is the ability to cut out circles, fold them and invent witty phrases on strips of paper.

1. Cut out circles of any size, however many you want. You can use a compass or trace household items like bowls or plates.

2. Fold the circle in half. Keep the crease round. Don't press it flat.

3. Slide your fortune on a narrow strip of paper into the round crease. You can hand write or type them.

4. Push the outer edges towards the center. Again keep it round, not creased flat.

5. Glue/Stitch/staple ends together to reinforce, but leave an opening to get the fortune out.

Try it! A great tutorial for the fabric version can be found here.


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