Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Wellspring: Flooded Out

The well has flooded, literally, and needs to take the day to make repairs (my hot water heater exploded and flooded my basement!) But, I cannot let the week pass without congratulating #5, Mrs. Milne for winning Something from Nothin's awesome organizer! Congratulations. We'll be back next week with a great giveaway from Peaches Products - hopefully with a dry basement, too!


  1. Oh michelle...that totoally stinks! Good luck on the bailing out! We had our tenants washing machine flood our two basements and boy oh boy was it a mess! Karen

  2. Thanks, Karen! It was/is a heck of a cleanup effort! I just keep trying to remind myself that it could be worse!

  3. I am prayed to the Brawny Man for you. May he absorb all of your problems!