Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Trash & Treasures Tuesday: Getting Ready for a Trunk Show

I've done a few arts and crafts shows in the past. I've hosted a few jewelry parties in my home (showcasing my own work). Next Thursday will be a first for me, though - my first trunk show!

Soulstice Artisan Market (in Rochester, NY) was sweet enough to extend the offer to host a trunk show for myself and my fiance. I'm super excited! I'll admit I've been neglecting my Etsy shop, blogging, creating... but this trunk show has kicked me into high gear! I wanted the pieces I show to represent how and with what materials I've been creating with lately. So most everything I'm bringing will have some element of recycle/repurpose.

These necklaces were both made with vintage beads (the teal flower used to be a clasp - I'm in love with it!) and pieces of broken modern jewelry.

The pin on the left was made with scrap fabric and ribbon, a vintage button and newspaper. The clip on the right was made with scrap fabric and ribbon, a vintage button and clippings from an old calendar.

This next piece is not for sale (it's part of a custom order), but it was also made with vintage/older pieces.

I'm so glad this show came around and helped me get into a creative zone. What helps you create? Anything help get you started? Share 'em in the comments!

Peace & thanks,

(If you'd like to say hello at the trunk show, stop by the shop on August 26 between 6 and 9pm! And thanks for letting me do a little self-promo... I'm just so stoked!)


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