Monday, October 17, 2011

Make-It Mondays: Groovy Retro Pumpkins

It's my favorite time of year, Halloween! Each year I try to find sweet vintage pieces for costumes, so why not make a sweet vintage get up for your pumpkin?

You'll need:

- 1 (or many!) pumpkin(s)
- Yardage and scraps of vintage fabric
- Scissors
- Mod Podge (my personal favorite is the glossy)
- A medium size, (preferably bristle) paintbrush

1. Prepare your pumpkin. Wash and dry the pumpkin. Do not carve of gut it.

2. Decide on a pattern. You can lay this out on the pumpkin in sharpie. You may want to lay tracing paper over the pumpkin to create a pattern, especially if you want to completely cover the pumpkin. Some options are to cover it randomly with strips or shapes. You can also make and exact pattern to cover the entire surface with one fabric.

3. Lay on one piece of fabric at a time. While you hold the piece from one end brush on a layer of Mod Podge. Brush over the entire surface until the Mod Podge soaks through and sticks the whole piece to it.

4. Continue until the whole piece is covered.

5. Let it dry and then do one more outer coat of Mod Podge for extra measure.

Afterthoughts: Different fabric styles can be used for specifically themed parties. And watch out! Pumpkins sealed in Mod Podge look deceptively awesome for a long time, until you pick it up in January and watch the fabric implode on the rotted pumpkin inside...Yum! You may want to purchase a fake pumpkin to use yearly.


  1. That's really fun! And thanks for the side note about leaving it out too long as I am sure it looks properly preserved from the outside for a while. :)

  2. Very cool!! I still haven't played with Mod Podge but this seems like an excellent excuse to try it out...

  3. I'm a little Mod Podge obsessed. You should totally try it Wendy. Also if you like collage, YES! paste is a-maaaaazing :)

  4. Love the comment about the impending imploding... could you use a dried gourd and not have that occur?
    Marie F.

  5. Anything is possible with mod podge! My guess is yes.