Monday, March 22, 2010

Make- it Mondays: Best OnlineTutorial Guides

From Buenahelena!

Happy Monday RNESTer's and lucky visitors. Each week Make-it Mondays seeks to bring you great how-to guides. To keep this going I want to know what you are interested in learning about? Is there something you could share with me or want to add for a guest tutorial in the future? Does the team need creativity boosting ideas, help with the business side of Etsy or specifics on a craft technique? Over the next week leave your ideas here and I'll see what we can do.

Until then here is a list of some of my favorite tutorial websites:
  1. Instructables - Excellent site for upcycling
  2. Craft - An online and real zine dedicated to transforming traditional crafts
  3. P.S. I Made This - DIY fashion with great inspiration boards
  4. The Storque/How To - Etsy's guides and tutorials
  5. Smaller Box - Small business guides and how-to's


  1. Hi,

    I've recently been reading your blog regularly and quite enjoy it, it's very inspiring.
    I'm studying Art in the Netherlands (am from Germany, though) and just
    started my Blog. I'm not too sure how everything works but I was wondering
    if you 'd like to have some kind of link exchange to promote each other
    (well, I guess your Blog doesn't need to much promoting, anyways) :)
    The address is (it's swedish for idea-machine)

    Right now I focus on DIY things, I think that's what I am gonna concentrate on
    in the future as well as other random things of my life and arts & design,
    but I feel that DIY is something that brings art and fashion to the attention to some
    who are otherwise just 'consumers' and thus turned into artists themselves.
    I feel that my creativity is a way to live out the inspiration I get from blogs like yours.
    Anyway, have a nice day...

    take care

  2. Thanks Vigdis,
    I just checked out your blog. I love the idea of using plates to cop the Chanel logo! So how does a link exchange work? Maybe I write up a little profile on a DIY friend on the other side of the world and you do a profile on Make-It Mondays on your end?

  3. I like "boosting your creativity" kind of stuff for sure. Business stuff works good too, but I think I like reading technique stuff best. I'm struggling a bit with coming up with original ideas for my rubber stamps. Feel like I'm getting "artist block" when I sit down to sketch. Maybe some excercises to get the juices flowing?

  4. Oh John, you've hit on something I've been frustrated with too! Coming up with new ideas to keep it fresh and fun! I'd love to "hear" more about ways to do that!

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