Monday, April 19, 2010

Make- it Mondays: Your Message To Buyers

You know that little box in your Shop Appearance page called message to buyers? It's somewhere near the bottom of the editing windows when you're logged into Etsy? Many people gloss over this or leave a tiny, single sentence like "thanks for stopping by and come back again." This little box is a huge opportunity, so take advantage of it.

At a minimum it should contain:
  1. A thank you for the purchase
  2. A reminder of your shipping policies
  3. A way to contact you in case of a problem
Many sellers also add:
  1. An option to sign up for a mailing list
  2. A request to heart their shop and return often
  3. A buyers survey

Recently I decided to add a small optional survey for future discounts. This way you can get feedback on how shoppers find your items and what they like most or dislike most about your shop. My Etsy shop is in constant edit mode, so this kind of feedback is invaluable.

My announcement currently goes something like this:

" Thank you for your purchase! May your day be filled with unheard of happiness, until you receive your item from me and feel even greater happiness. Please heart my shop and come back often.

Your purchase will be shipped after payment is made or cleared, usually in 2-3 business days.

If you need to contact me about your purchase, send an email to: or convo me on Etsy. Learn more about how to use Etsy Conversations here.

Want a discount? Take this quick survey and convo your answers to me. I will send you a password for a 15% discount on your next purchase.

1. How did you find my shop?
2. What item would you most likely buy or buy again from my store?
3. What would you like to see to make your shopping more fun, quick or understandable?"

Be clear, concise and always remember to make it yours. You can be funny and professional. That's what make's you more like the lovable corner store owner, in a world of corporate coldness.


  1. What great ideas, Carol! That survey is great. Have you gotten a lot of feedback?

  2. not yet, i just did it this last week and have not made a new sale yet.

  3. Thanks for these useful pointers! I've just created a message to buyers for the first time. I was never sure what to say before.

    I've also included in mine a request for positive feedback if they love their order.