Monday, October 26, 2009

Make-it Mondays: Guerilla Marketing

From: Buenahelena!

Let's face it, most of us artsy types are poor. We get low end pay for high end work. The material costs and labor intensiveness of art making leaves little time and money for promoting ourselves. Using guerilla marketing strategies to advertise your work and your Etsy store is creative, exciting and ...ahhh...practically free. Try some of these tactics:

  1. Blog and guest blog on Etsy Team pages or other blogs you enjoy.
  2. Leave your business card with your waiter's tip at a restaurant.
  3. Better yet, sneak your card between the sugar packets at several tables.
  4. Go to your local library, internet cafe or computer room and set your website as the default browser homepage on all the computers.
  5. Stamp your site address onto dollar bills with a fun quote. God knows those travel.
  6. Post fliers about your products in the teacher's lounge, staff room, lobby etc...of your place of employment...preferably while no one is looking
  7. Out of town for a summer vacation? Write your etsy/blog address in the sand on a popular beach.
  8. OK, so maybe the beach idea sucks when you live in Rochester NY, so why not write your site address onto snowy windshields at your local mall this holiday season. (Make sure to add "shop local" underneath.)
  9. Tuck your business cards into books at book stores and libraries that relate to your product or into magazines in waiting rooms.
  10. Print small round stickers with your Etsy site address and a small picture of one of your items and stick them onto produce at your local grocery store.
Now go out and do a couple things off the list! It gives me a smile thinking about whoever discovers my guerilla ads. *(Images do not promote mine or any other Etsy stores, but do give you the gist of what can be done with these tips.)


  1. I LOVE it! I want to try the produce one! Think Wegmans would come after me?

  2. I read this book from the library, and it had some great ideas about guerrilla marketing: