Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday Wellspring: Happy Olive Designs

The well overflowed and flooded RNEST with talent yesterday, so today I bring you a special day-late Thursday edition of the Wednesday Wellspring. I’m taking this awesome opportunity to introduce you to one of our newest members and the hostess of this week’s giveaway: Happy Olive Designs. Sarah created Happy Olive Designs after hearing the constant question, "Is your jewelry available online?" Since she’d loved Etsy for years, she decided to make a home for herself within this great artist's community.

Happy Olive Designs is an eclectic mix of jewelry featuring gorgeous pendants, cute little felt character pin or magnet sets, and cool glass and paper magnet sets. Her current favorite item – and many of yours based on the comments – is the Red Delicious necklace. My personal favorites are her felt creations – in fact, Sarah fed my insatiable love of carrots by creating a felt carrot family just for me. I’m sure, if you ask, she’ll make one for you, too!

Though new on Etsy, Sarah’s learned quickly how important marketing is and how critical it is to have good pictures of your items. Even if you’re not a pro photogapher yourself, try to tap the skills of your friends and loved ones – a talent and skills exchange is perfectly aligned with the handmade mission! She’s also very glad to have found a great Etsy Street Team in RNEST. Getting support and inspiration from a group of like-minded artists has been divine – I second that emotion!

Make sure to check out Happy Olive Designs, especially right now - all items are 20% off - jump on it while the sale is hot! You can learn more about Sarah and see designs not yet listed on Etsy at Happy Olive Designs’ Facebook fan page. By becoming a fan, you’ll be the first to know when Sarah is having special sales and promotions, too! And make sure to enter this week’s giveaway for a Happy Olive Designs' magnet set!!

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  1. The giveaway went so well! Hope it brings many future sales!