Monday, September 20, 2010

Make-it Mondays: Build Online Support for Your Etsy Shop

So you thought you could make a fabulous Etsy shop and wait for the tidal wave of awesome to head your way? Wrong. Think about it. Online you are one in a million. Maybe even one in a billion. What are the chances of finding your little water drop in the big crafty ocean? Here are some ways to stand out and bring traffic to your store:

  • Create a blog: And use it! Write about your inspiration, share work in progress and let customers get to know you on a personal level. That connection is what makes you far more interesting than going to Walmart.
  • Make a Facebook Fanpage: You can post treasuries you make and treasuries you are included in. You can post surveys. You could post giveaways for your 1000th heart or 100th fan. Just imagine, one "like" can connect you to a person who has 500 friends who may like you as well and connect you to their 500 friends.
  • Get Your Own Dot Com: You can buy a domain that is short and easy to remember and have it forward to your Etsy store. This may also eliminate some competition with someone who has a similar shop name or product.
  • Make a Business Twitter: This is a quick and easy way to announce giveaways, contests, and new items in your shop. This is great for your returning customers to access. Be careful though! No one wants their cell going off at your every creative move.
  • Link, Link, Link: Link your blog to other successful sites you love. Comment on high traffic blogs. Comment on Etsy treasuries. Post to your facebook fanpage and twitter. Participate in street team forums. This will put you higher on Google searches.
Alright so here are two things you might be thinking right now: "Jesus, do you live on your computer?" and "Won't I annoy people by constantly updating them about my business?" The answers, if you do all of the above, are yes and yes. So pick and choose. Maybe use one or two ideas. Or maybe use several ideas, but just once or twice a week.


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