Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Trash & Treasures Tuesday: What can YOU make from scraps?

My crafting desk is filled to the brim with piles of random scrap fabric. An old McCurdy's box packed with miscellaneous buttons is wedged in the bottom drawer. I wanted to make something with them, but not being a stellar seamstress left me with few options. I started piecing things together and found a fun style of hair clips and pins the incorporates both.

I like the modern fabric juxtaposed with the vintage beads and buttons. They are a statement piece in your hair or a sweet touch to your favorite fall coat.

The best part? They are easy to make! A little stacking, sewing and gluing and the leftover fabric from your latest project has a new life! I've used old calendars, newspaper, magazines and origami paper to add a sturdy base.

So what's your go-to project when you want to use up small amounts of leftover materials? Leave 'em in the comments!

Peace & thanks,


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