Monday, September 27, 2010

Make-it Mondays: Write Your Manifesto

Etsy has created a boot camp for sellers this holiday season, along with a list of tasks to complete at this bootcamp. Each task is meant to keep you on track and selling well during the busy holiday season. One of those tasks is to write a mission statement. Etsy suggests that you really think about what you are creating, selling and why. Great idea. Every artist should have a statement, but let's think bigger. Let's make manifestos!

All the artistic big shots have done it, like:
  • The Dadaists: "DADA is our intensity: it erects inconsequential bayonets and the Sumatral head of German babies; Dada is life with neither bedroom slippers nor parallels!"
  • The Post Postmodernists: "Ghosts exist; so do people who can see them and communicate with them. Extra-sensory perceptions of all kinds are real and must be reckoned with!"
Manifestos are meant to be bold and spark revolution. They go beyond describing what and why you make things. They are a life philosophy. Also, they are ridiculous and funny. Use strong language. Make bulleted points like you're Martin Luther tacking the 95 theses of your shop against the throng of other unrighteous sellers! I'll be making one for my blog next week. If you make one, share the link in the comments :)

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