Monday, September 13, 2010

Make-it Mondays: Studio #1 KiraArts

For awhile Make-it Mondays has included tutorials, business tips and creativity starters. Starting today that list will also include a peek into the creative process and studios of our rochester ny etsy street team members. Up first is the lovely Kira Sinclair of KiraArts.

Buenahelena: Where do you work or where is your studio?
Kira: My "studio" is in the smallest bedroom of my 100 year old, 4 bedroom house in the itty bitty country town of Lyndonville NY (an hour northwest of Rochester). The space has been ever-changing and evolving ever since my husband and I moved into the house last August. I knew the day we first looked at the house that the small, pink-wallpapered room would be my craft space.

B: What is your medium or product of choice?
K: I make plush monsters and other creatures out of recycled socks, sweaters, store bought fleece remnants, and pretty much any fabric I can get my hands on. I also make other little doodads like crochet flower and butterfly pins, dog and cat toys, and bottlecap magnets.

B: What is the biggest challenge about your space and how have you worked through it?
K: I have TOO MUCH STUFF and not enough room for it all! But isn't that everyone's problem? A major problem with working with recycled materials is that you never want to throw ANYTHING away! A way I've worked through it is that I had my husband put up shelves made from old bi-fold closet doors. I also use Rubbermaid totes to store some of my fabric. Some of my monsters awaiting their new homes get to hang on clotheslines I've nailed to the walls, while others wait in totes. But even with the extra shelving, it's still a challenge to keep everything neat and organized, since I'm a bit of a "Renaissance Crafter", and I have a lot more craft supplies other than the ones I use for plush-making (I enjoy scrapbooking and painting as well).

B: Describe a typical day at the studio.
K: There really is no "typical" day, but I'm finding lately that I'll design a few creatures at night, cut the fabric, then go to bed. Then the next day, after I've tackled the housework, fiddled around on the computer, and had some lunch, I'll spend the afternoon sewing, stuffing, and bringing the creatures to life. When I'm sewing I'll usually watch a movie or TV series on DVD or my iPod. Some of my favorites are "Coraline", "Fraggle Rock", "The Muppet Show" and "Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends". Most of the time, I'll save finishing touches that need to be hand-sewn for in the evening after dinner, when my husband and I are sitting watching TV together. When I finish a monster, I'll lob it at my hubby so he can see it and give his seal of approval. Other times I'll bring a bag of monsters that need hand sewing to church and sew there while I listen (it helps me pay attention better when my hands are busy).

B: What do you love the most about being a crafter/artist/etsy seller?
K: I love creating. And I love creating colorful, quirky, cuddly things that make children AND adults smile. I originally started making plush monsters out of socks for fun. The fact that people are willing to buy them from me is a bonus!

Thank you for sharing your space with us Kira!! Visit her blog and Etsy store below:

If you are interested in having you studio profiled visit our team site and get more info at this forum.


  1. What a great organized space. Love the doors as shelves and the clotheslines for hanging up your items.

  2. Great feature! I LOVE your space. Thanks for letting us explore it, Kira!

  3. Thanks for featuring me! ;)
    (if you want to know a doesn't ALWAYS look that organized!)

  4. Love the doors as shelves and the clotheslines for hanging up your items.Great feature! I LOVE your space.Great job and a good theme.