Monday, June 7, 2010

Make-it Mondays: Terrariums

Sometime last year I became interested in terrariums and posted a quick tutorial on my blog. With plants and farmer's markets coming back in season it is a great time to revisit the idea.

Terrariums last year round, are self-sustaining and portable, making them perfect for renters and urban dwellers. I collect small china plates for my bases and glass dome tops from thrift stores for under $1.00 a piece. Any clear, enclosed container will also do, from mason jars to vintage candy dishes.

A Terrarium in Ten Steps:
  1. Spread a layer of pea gravel in the bottom of your container.
  2. Sprinkle activated carbon on top of the gravel. This cleans the water as it filters through the stones and back into the soil again. It can be purchased from a pet store in the aquarium section.
  3. Scoop on a generous amount of potting soil, finishing off what will look like a three layer cake of earthy goodness.
  4. Plant 2 or 3 small succulents. Jade plants, cacti and aloe are my favorites with no fuss or muss. Plus they won't quickly outgrow the terrarium.
  5. Place a thin layer of moss over the soil and around the plants. This gives the illusion of a miniature grass covered world. Get it on the cheap by scavenging sidewalk cracks and local parks.
  6. Populate your environment with plastic animals, marbles, crystals etc...
  7. Add a dash of water. Succulents need little water and with the dome it will recycle itself. I have gone for about 3 months at a time without watering mine and even then just very lightly.
  8. Put a lid on it.
  9. Display in a sunny place.
  10. Enjoy!

There are several sellers on Etsy who sell whole terrariums or terrarium accessories. If creating miniatures is your thing, marketing terrarium accessories might be a good venture for you. Check them out for inspiration or a puchase!
  1. Blithe Gardens
  2. Warm Country Meadows
  3. Terradctl
  4. Doodle Bird Imaginariums
  5. Betty's Fantasy


  1. I think some of peaches products tiny felted animals would look awesome in a terrarium...hint hint.

  2. Really loving these! And you're right, a few of Casey's felted miniatures would be awesome!